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Brooke Needs All Her Holes Filled

This being June 6th, the anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy during World War II, you might wonder what this observance has to do with Brooke Balentyne. If you think about it in terms of Brooke dutifully filling every one of her holes and the Allies' Victory- in-Europe strategy being one of filling every trench, yeah, a lot. Just don't recite this thesis to your history teacher with about a week left of school, or you'll fuck up graduation. We're not sure whether Brooke has graduated anything, but this doesn't stop her from celebrating good times. How else do you think she maintains that perpetual smile? Toothpaste? In this video, it looks like Brooke's about to be inseminated by the Aryan brotherhood. Some people just can't forget the fact they were on the wrong side of the beach during D-Day, but we're sure that's furthest from Brooke's mind. SEE MORE


Taisa Likes Pounding Her Hubby's Ass

Imagine waking up in your buddie's house, warm, well-rested and being blown by his horny wife. That's the reality that Jay wakes up to today. He went to sleep anticipating a long day of job hunting. What he woke up to was his buddy Kade's wife Taisa sucking his dick like it's the cure for cancer. Jay tried to fight the good fight for his friend's sake, but when you have a grade-A piece of ass like Taisa chasing you around the bedroom begging for your cock, it kinda gets hard to keep saying no. This early bird wants her worm, and she wants it now! SEE MORE


Proxy Likes To Watch Her Bi Husband

Proxy gave her husband Les a little shock when she shared that with him that she was no stranger to black cock. Why she ever gave up on the big league dick for Les's little buddy is anyone's guess. Les returned the shock by asking if perhaps Proxy could contact one of her African friends so he could watch while she played with it. Proxy was only to happy to get back in the ring with a man-sized cock. Now if only she could find a way to keep Les's mouth quiet while she was having her fun... DOWNLOAD VIDEO


Paris Marie in Forced Bi Cuckolds

Now that Jerome has met his wife's lover, all he wants to see is her sucking that big black dick. Unfortunately for him, he gets a little too carried away for his own good and suddenly finds himself on the receiving end of that ebony cock. Paris doesn't mind seeing her husband choke on cock, just as long as Jerome remembers to put it back in her pussy where it belongs when he's done!


Kita Zen in Cum Eating Cuckolds

Billy found out rather rudely that his lovely bride Kita has been selling her ass on the street in order to make ends meet. As if that's not bad enough, it was her pimp Wesley who told him while he was balls deep in Kita's mouth. Billy has no choice but to watch as his little Asian sweetie is defiled by her angry pimp. You have to make tough choices sometimes, and Billy isn't afraid to stand by and watch as Kita's tiny pussy is stretched to its limit by the giant black tool. Well, maybe he's a little afraid... SEE MORE


Ashley Coda in Forced Bi Cuckolds

The cat was out of the bag; Ashley's husband could smell the strange cock all over her pussy and he wanted answers. He wasn't prepared to meet the cock in question immediately. You can imagine his surprise to see that the bull was still in the house. Ashley was understandably upset about being denied her hot blast of sperm and intended on making her husband sorry he came home. She knew that it would take little effort to grind her sissy husband down; by the end of the day, he'd be right beside her sucking that prick like a champ. The lesson: don't fuck with Ashley! SEE MORE


Ally Kay Exposes Her Youthful Pussy and Gives it Up... Including

"Yo, Ally, I'm proud of you and Ima let you finish, but Brute Michaels is the hardest rocker of all time!" And with that the aging rocker and reality TV superstar Brute Michaels interrupts Ally Kay during her award acceptance speech. To no one's surprise, Ally takes matters into her own hands and punishes him for his interruption. She feeds him her size 7.5 feet for starters, and then tries to smother his loud mouth with her bald pussy. Brute immediately tries to swallow that delicious piece of bubble gum she's hiding between her thighs. Surprised to find that the rocker is emotionally vulnerable, she eases his existential pain with the soft soles of her feet by way of a killer foot job. FREE VIDEO


Athena and Jennifer Luv in Chica Boom

Athena grew up in an impoverished world where people lived off the land, hunting, fishing, growing their own vegetables, worshipping strange idols and the ritziest hotel was made of mud and straw. Internet, cellphones ,GPS systems and reliable bathroom plumbing weren't even heard of. But all this has changed for her. That's because Jennifer has become a porn performer of beauty and notoriety. But that's not to say the job doesn't have its compromises and mental downsides. Sometimes Jennifer has to blow off steam on a toilet seat- one with a working flush handle and all that. If more women did that, ladies rooms would be a better place, we think, but ours is not to philosophize nor preach. Just sit back, relax, and watch Jen baby go to town. FREE VIDEO

Christina Skye in Cuckold POV

While your wife Christina fully believes in the power of the magical brother trying to contact your dear dead dog Sniffles, you can't help but feel that the psychic Wes seems to be just a tad full of shit. Especially when he proposes to tap into your wife's energy field by burying his own bone between her lovely thighs. You become even more skeptical when the two of them end up naked and you're left holding your tiny pecker in your hand like a two-bit chump. But that's the power of belief, right? As long as you don't believe you're a sissy while you stare at that big black cock, then you're not! FREE VIDEO


Evanni Solei Eaten Out and Fucked Relentlessly

After a long concert spent dancing on stage, all pop star Evanni Solei wants to do is relax. But her new security guard, Evan, won't be happy until he knows they're safe and alone. Once the site is secure, Evanni tells her new security guard what she really needs: a nice foot massage to ease her aching size 7.5 arches. Evan has to do what she tells him, of course; it's his job, after all! What he didn't expect was her willingness to indulge his affinity for feet. She lets him apply a saliva-based moisturizer with his tongue, and soon can't help but try to get her feet all over his quickly stiffening cock. She unleashes her bountiful 36D tits while applying her tootsies to his tool. She has her needs, too, and Evan is more than happy to bury his bone in her wet pussy. Evanni hops on top, but lets her security guard take care of all the work. She quickly squeals with delight as his pounding induces a toe-curling orgasm from the young star. She may seem quiet, but she comes alive when the cock is put to her correctly. Evan, no longer able to contain himself, unleashes a stream of spunk across her eager toes. Mission accomplished! FREE VIDEO


Capri Anderson with Ruby Girl-on-Girl Sex

After a long night of partying, club girls Capri and Ruby arrive home exhilarated, tired and horny. There aren't any boys around to rub their tired feet after dancing, so they'll have to rely on each. Feeling generous and fidgety, they quickly discover that a good mutual foot rubbing is exactly what they need. The ecstatic massage quickly turns into a toe-licking orgy of sensory overload as they discover that the sole is the window to a girl's pleasure center. The two scandalous lasses quickly find all the right excuses to rip each other's clothes off and get into some serious toe worship. Ruby teases Capri's bald little box, then lets Capri return the favor with gusto. While the giggly girls wrestle toes, they decide to share a ride on a double-ended dildo. The fun doesn't stop there, though, as Ruby has one more toy to tickle Capri's fancy. Capri's soles wrinkle up as Ruby takes her from behind, bringing on the release she so desperately craves! FREE VIDEO


Hannah West in Forced Bi Cuckolds

Hannah's asshole was the undiscovered country for as long as Jimmy had known her; it was the one thing he wanted desperately from her, and she knew it. But denying him that simple pleasure gave her more satisfaction than any of the lame romantic gestures he attempted. When Jimmy walked in and found her about to let a complete stranger probe her holiest of holies, he whimpered sadly and knew that it was going to take a supreme effort to keep her from forgetting all about him. But Hannah's a good sport; if Jimmy wants to know what her ass tastes like, he's more than welcome to get a taste from the tip of Gabriel's prick! FREE VIDEO


Dany Bionda in 100% Organic Shemales

The word organic can mean so many different things. It could be a huge, red, succulent garden variety tomato. Or in the case of Dany Bionda it could be a fresh, juicy horticulturally-grown penis nesting between a set of moist thighs. Let's be honest, on another issue, shall we? Dany might not be your first choice for a hot night on the town. For one thing, she speaks in her native tongue so the concept of "suck my cock" might be lost in the translation. On the plus side, however, Dany dances a mean dance and can tell you many funny stories about her tummy tattoo except you wouldn't understand any of them, being that they're related in her native tongue. Sometimes fucking an English-speaking she-male does have its advantages. FREE VIDEO


Dany De Castro in 100% Organic Shemales

The fact that she belongs to that class of 100% organic she-males means that Dany De Castro was raised on the proper vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The fact that Dany grew a dick is a mere footnote to her history. The added fact that she doesn't speak a lick of English, as well, probably adds to her allure. Though who can say. The blonde hair is striking. The narrow face says fuck me in the ass because you have no other receptacle to consider. And when the command is repeated in her native tongue, our cocks get wet at the tip with anticipation. For the record, we'd pull those black panties off and nail her in the can. Because even if Dany were to rat on us, no one would know what the fuck she was talking about. We just hope she can't say tranny-fucker in English. FREE VIDEO


Amai Liu in Forced Bi Cuckolds

Cute Little Amai Liu knew; she knew there had to be a big white cock at the end of her American rainbow. When she had finally had enough of the puny cock she had been forced to settle with, she demanded to be satisfied: there would be no more marriage if her husband couldn't find a way to make her tight little pussy happy. He was willing to do anything to keep that tiny ass happy, up to and including finding a bigger, better, stronger dick to run up in that honeypot. But is he willing to suck that cock for her? FREE VIDEO


Mimi Blaze in Forced Bi Cuckolds

Times are tough all around. Unless you have a winning lottery ticket in hand, you may be forced into trolling for blow jobs under the freeway. Of course, if you do have a winning lottery ticket, you want to rush right out and try to cash it in. Scott here thinks he's hit the big time because his wife, Mimi, has the kind of pipes you'd normally expect to see on a TV karaoke contest. But how do you get the cash? Mimi needs to meet a record producer, and fast. But when the producer plays a harder kind of ball than Scott is used to, the winning lottery ticket suddenly becomes a hot plate stuck to his tender mouth! FREE VIDEO


Alyssa Reece and Natalia Cake Feet and Lesbian Sex

Alyssa and Natalia hate their slutty sorority sister, so when she gets flowers and cupcakes they decide to put their perfect feet in the icing. But it's all too tempting, and soon they're licking the icing off each other. It gets them both so hot that they end up eating and fucking till they both come on the bed full of icing. FREE VIDEO

Luscious Lopez in Cum Eating Cuckolds

Luscious Lopez has decided, grudgingly, to attend a session with a renowned sex therapist, if only to prove to her sad sack husband once and for all that their marriage is on a one-way trip to ye olde recycle bin. Much to her surprise, the handsome young doctor has a refreshing new take on immersion therapy; once his cock is snugly tucked into the soft folds of her vaginal vault, the problems with her husband seem to dissolve like so much smoke in the wind. Encouraged to air her grievances, she lets loose with a heartfelt and continuous stream of abuse towards her husband that seems to lift her spirits almost as much as the cock between her legs. Who knew therapy could be so immediately rewarding? FREE VIDEO


Dahlia Sin in The Taming Of The Cuckold

There's really no point in doing things half-way. In for a penny, in for a pound is the mantra Dahlia heard growing up back in England. So when it comes time to put her new sissy husband on display in front of her new fuck-toy, Dahlia spares no expense. She has all the feminine trappings ready for Jimmy: makeup, wig, panties, stockings. If you're going to start a new career as a cocksucker, you should dress for the job you want. Shining the fleshy dome of his wife's new suitor may not be the job Jimmy dreamed of when he went to college, but it turns out that he is singularly qualified for this dirty job! FREE VIDEO